21.111.Spring Fever

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 111
“Spring Fever”

La-Iin placed her hand on Mit-Sun’s head. It was warm, almost warm enough to feel like it was burning her hand. Mit-Sun was fast asleep, her expression peaceful, but her fever was evident. La-Iin sighed.
‘I hope I don’t get sick too…..’
Normally La-Iin would ignore her mother and let her get better on her own, but the way she had acted when she woke up was worrying to her. It was late in the morning. Math class was underway, students were likely talking about her, Fer-Shi was probably worried. Yet La-Iin couldn’t bring herself to want to go. She had to stay at her mother’s side.
Mit-Sun hadn’t asked for her help, but La-Iin had stayed with her anyway. While her mother slept, she watched the clock.
Sometime during this time, La-Iin had wondered if she should contact Asul-Zenza.
‘He might be able to take care of her better than I can….but I don’t know his phone number, and he might not even be home…’
To calm herself down, La-Iin had tried multiple times to convince herself that her worry wasn’t fitting of her evil alignment–that she should be more thrilled that Mit-Sun was sick. But although she knew she didn’t want to get sick, she was still worried about Mit-Sun, and kept an eye on her at all times.
When she almost fell asleep sitting up, Mit-Sun started to groan in her sleep.
“Mama? Mama, are you alright?”
Mit-Sun only responded with more groaning, which quieted down a few moments later. La-Iin felt tears burn at the edge of her eyes. She hopped off the chair she had brought into her room and started to search around Mit-Sun’s room. She glanced in drawers to see if she had anything that had Asul-Zenza’s phone number written down. Underneath some clothes she found a few photos and laid them out on the ground.
“I’ve never seen these before.” The pictures were of Mit-Sun and Asul-Zenza, both looking slightly younger. Asul-Zenza wore a smile in almost all the pictures, and similarly, Mit-Sun looked flustered in almost all the pictures. La-Iin couldn’t tell where the pictures had been taken, and she wondered just who had taken them.
‘I bet I know why they were hidden….’ She couldn’t remember where Mit-Sun had kept the photos after only a short while of looking at them, so she left them on the floor. She checked Mit-Sun’s computer desk. The only papers there seemed to be work-related, and the pictures were all of her at various ages. She noticed that many of the pictures were from her infancy.
“Mama sure took a lot of pictures of baby me….” She saw a picture of her sleeping, a picture of her with Bes-Isa, a picture of her with her mouth wide open, tiny fangs exposed, a picture of her at three with Fer-Shi.
“Fer-Shi used to be so ti–” She shook her head to clear the thought. ‘Right now I have to find Dami’s phone number.’
But no matter where she searched in the room, she couldn’t find any piece of paper with a phone number on it. She sighed and returned to the chair. Mit-Sun’s expression had hardly changed since she had last seen it, except that her eyes were slightly open.
“Mama…” She whined, poking her cheek. Mit-Sun swatted her hand away. La-Iin poked her cheek again.
“Nngh….stop doing that, La-Iin….”
“Mama? Are you awake?”
“I am now….ugh, I feel terrible.”
Mit-Sun glanced at the clock. She turned back to La-Iin. “Shouldn’t…shouldn’t you be in school now?”
La-Iin was hardly willing to admit the truth to her. “No. I have today off.”
“I don’t know why! I just do.”
“That’s….actually good…” Mit-Sun groaned. “La-Iin….can you do me a favor…?”
“Could you….could you call my boss? She’ll be pissed at me for not coming into work….dunno if I’ll be able to go tomorrow either….”
“I don’t know her phone number.”
“I have a small notebook with some phone numbers in it….hers is the one next to “Mrs. Eteibreit”. Call that and tell her about the situation…don’t mess around, alright?”
“Alright, Mama.”
She was tempted to fly, but she stayed on the ground as she walked out the room, down the stairs and to the kitchen. She ended up flying around to find the notebook Mit-Sun had talked about.
“Who are some of these people?” La-Iin snorted. She gasped when she saw the number right above Eteibreit’s. When she went to the phone, instead of calling Eteibreit, she ended up calling her father.
“I hope he’s home….” She mumbled to herself.
“….hello? Mit-Sun? Now is an awfully odd time to call….has something happened with La-Iin?”
“La-Iin, is that you? Oh, does this mean Mit-Sun finally taught you my phone number? Oh, I’m thrilled! I’m so glad I was home!”
“I’m sorry, Dami, I didn’t really call to talk to you…”
“Hm? You sound worried. Is something the matter?”
“Mama got sick with a fever and I don’t know how to help her. I just want her to be better already so I don’t have to worry about getting sick! I wanted to know if you could help…”
“Do you mean by giving instruction, or come by your house?”
“It might be nice if you came by….”
“How bad is she?”
“She’s been sleeping a lot.”
“That’s good…but are you sure it would be such a good idea? I’d love to come by and take care of things while she is ill, but I worry about her reaction once she recovers….in truth, I worry about her reaction BEFORE she recovers as well.”
“She’s sick, Dami. She can’t do anything to you. Just come by!”
“It will take me a while to arrive. Will you be alright until then?”
“I will be!”
“And, La-Iin? One last thing.”
“Do you think this could…potentially end up lasting multiple days? I need to know if I should bring a few things from home or arrive as I am now.”
“I don’t know how long fevers are supposed to last….”
“I suppose I’ll play it safe then. You may at least need me for today. I’ll be there as fast as I can, though likely not until the afternoon. Make sure she gets lots of rest and fluids.”
“I will see you later.” After that, he hung up. La-Iin wanted to be excited, but the idea that he was visiting for Mit-Sun only made her sigh. She returned to Mit-Sun’s room and sat down on the chair. Mit-Sun turned to face her.
“Did you call her…?”
“Ugh….La-Iin, you need to call her or else I’ll be in trouble….”
“I know.”
Mit-Sun turned away from her. “Can I…can I ask a favor?”
“What, Mama?”
“Could I have some water?”
La-Iin nodded and ran out Mit-Sun’s room. It was evident a moment later when Mit-Sun started to call for her again that she hadn’t seen her nod. She went to get Mit-Sun’s water, then thought over whether she should call her boss or not.
‘If I call her, I’ll probably have to put on a goody-goody act, because if I don’t, Mama will probably be mad at me….also I don’t want Mama to get fired from her job….sort of….maybe I’ll just have Dami call her.’
La-Iin took the water and returned to Mit-Sun’s bedroom.


Hours passed, and La-Iin took the time to take a nap. She was woken by the sound of someone knocking on the door.
“Hello, Dami.” La-Iin resisted the urge to jump into his arms.
“Hello, La-Iin. It’s nice to see you again.”
“What’s all that stuff you have with you?”
“Oh….perhaps it was a bit presumptuous of me, but I assumed Mit-Sun might be down for a couple of days. I figured I could take care of you in her place while she recovers.”
La-Iin couldn’t help but smile. She leaped into Asul-Zenza’s arms. He dropped the bag and hugged her back before letting her go. “Is she asleep right now?”
“That gives us a bit of time to spend together.”
Asul-Zenza closed the door. As soon as he did, Choungetsu came running for him and started to lick his knee.
“Cho….Choungetsu! Stop that! Of course, you and I can spend time together too. La-Iin may need a few naps after all….”
“I’m not a Normal, Dami!”
“You are half-Normal, remember. Also you are still quite young. Not to mention you’ve had to take care of Mit-Sun….I wouldn’t judge you in the slightest if you decided to take a nap.”
“Well, I don’t need to….right now.”
“Alright then.”
“Oh, Dami, could you do me a favor?”
“What’s that, La-Iin?”
“Could you call Mama’s boss for me? I don’t want to do it.”
“I’m not sure I know her boss’ phone number….”
“She has it in a notebook in the kitchen.”
“Oh. Alright. Now, could you do me a favor?”
“If you could set up a place for me to sleep….”
“Okay, Dami!”
He gave a light chuckle. “Thank you, La-Iin.”

“Yes. Thank you. Sorry for the trouble.” Asul-Zenza sighed. “That conversation took longer than I thought….well, I can at least say I did my best. Hopefully she is not mad at Mit-Sun once she can return to work….”
Asul-Zenza walked back into the living room. “La-Iin?” He turned towards the couch. She was sitting there, Choungetsu curled up next to her and sleeping. Looking at her made him both happy and tired. A smile on his face, he sat next to her on the couch and, in a matter of seconds, was fast asleep.
That peaceful moment was not representative of what would happen later.


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