19.109.Storming Sights

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 109
“Storming Sights”

“Another storm?” La-Iin sighed.
“Well, it’s Spring. What did you expect?”
“Not another storm.”
“Just be happy it’s not Magica Cavintus.”
“Why should I be happy about any storm? I was going to look for something fun to do today, and now I can’t because it’s raining outside.”
“You’ve found things to do in the house before.”
“Yes, but I wanted to go out today!”
Mit-Sun sighed. “So did I. But it might be for the best. You were still throwing up even last night.”
“I don’t even feel sick anymore!”
“That doesn’t mean you won’t start feeling sick again soon….”
La-Iin glared. “Fine. I can find something fun to do in the house.” She flapped her wings and started to fly around the house.
“How many times have I told you not to fly in the house?”
“The more times you tell me, the more I’ll do it,” La-Iin teased.
“Alright then. Go ahead. Fly in the house. See if I care.”
“That’s not gonna work on me, Mama! I know what you’re trying to do!” She flew away from the main room and into the kitchen. “I’ll just go upstairs!”
If Mit-Sun said anything more, she didn’t hear it. She flew past the kitchen, up the stairs and into her room.
“Bes-Isa!” She yelled, making the hand-motions to bring her to life. “I’m bored. Do you have any interesting stories for me?”
“Why would I? I stay in your bedroom almost every day. Anything interesting I see would nine times out of ten be something you saw as well.”
“I know. But what have you been thinking about?”
“The sorts of things I normally think about. Bodily autonomy, dreams, you, the end of the world….”
“Nothing new then?”
“No, nothing new.”
“I’m so bored! I wanted to go outside but now it’s storming and Mama says I shouldn’t go outside.”
“Normally I’d disagree with her, but that wind sounds pretty strong. If you flew outside you could end up getting carried off with the breeze. Do you want another birthday incident? Except this time, it comes with the added risk of pneumonia.”
“I could stay grounded.”
“It doesn’t seem like a good idea in either case. Your wings may still carry you off. They’re big enough and strong enough to support your body weight now, and if the wind is as strong as I’d assume, they could carry you away easily.”
“If you were a Grounded species, like a Pureblood Normal or a Witch or something, it would be different. But still, would you really want to go out there? It might be fun for the rebellion but it wouldn’t be fun anymore when you’re in bed completely reliant on people who annoy you.”
“I guess….I still want to go outside anyway.”
“Maybe we should tomorrow.”
“That would be nice. As long as tomorrow’s sunny…”
“So, what are you going to do now that you’re stuck inside? Fantasize? I’ve noticed that you’ve started doing that again.”
“Of course I have. San-Kyung has talked to me more this year than he did last year, and I’ve made more progress with him. My future with him is changing.”
La-Iin’s stomach growled. “I haven’t eaten anything since Mama gave me that nasty stuff….and I threw that up.”
“You should have her make something for you.”
“I should.” Bes-Isa at her side, she flew down the stairs and into the kitchen. Mit-Sun had her head laid on the table, her eyes closed, but they flickered open when she heard La-Iin.
“Stop flying in the house.”
“Mama, can we make a snack together? I’m hungry.”
She glared at her. “I’m not sure I trust you making anything…”
“You’ll be helping too!”
“She hasn’t eaten in a while. At least make something for her if you don’t help her.”
“Alright,” Mit-Sun sighed. “We can make one of my favorite snacks, then. I used to eat it with my parents on rainy days. And on sunny days too, but I remember more rainy days eating it…”
“What is it?”
“Anything Pastries. That’s what my father called them. Normally only Witches and Warlocks make Anything Pastries, but my father showed me a way to do it without powers.”
“I have powers.”
“Yes, but not the powers we’d need to make Anything Pastries.”
“Then how do we make them?”
“Well, first let’s see what ingredients we have….we can pick from there.”
“Do we have mincemeat?”
Mit-Sun sighed. “I can make some.”
“Yay! We can make mincemeat….what did you call them?”
“Anything Pastries. And I guess with a name like that, anything goes….”


“Are you still worried about La-Iin, Fer-Shi?” Tei-Sheu asked.
“Yeah. She was in pretty bad condition yesterday…I hope she’s alright.”
“I’m worried about everyone in the neighborhood! This storm is pretty bad…how come you’re not scared, Fer-Shi? You always used to get scared by the sound of howling wind.”
“It scares me a little, but I’m trying to get over my old fears. Besides, I’m too worried about La-Iin to worry about being scared….”
“Well, you shouldn’t focus all your time worrying! It’ll just stress you out. Why don’t you knit with me?”
Fer-Shi gave a small smile. “Okay. Oh, can I knit something for La-Iin?”


“It’s done.”
“That was pretty easy.”
“It was. Although it can be harder depending on what you want to put in it. My father’s favorite type was when he put hot cocoa in it….mother liked putting in meat and marshmallows.”
“She was quirky.”
“Am I ever going to get to meet them? I want to see if my evilness is my own or if I inherited it.”
“I doubt you inherited it….you know, maybe we should go visit my father soon…I haven’t seen him since you were a baby, and I haven’t called him in a while either. He never even met you…”
“You said I was a baby when you last saw him! So where was I?”
“With Asul-Zenza,” Mit-Sun said, rolling her eyes. “Well, we can talk about this later. Try it. See if it’s good.”
La-Iin bit into the pastry. A minute later, the pastry was gone.
“You ate that too fast!”
“I was hungry. And there was mincemeat in it. I love mincemeat….”
“I still have no idea why you like it so much. Not that it’s bad, it just seems random for you. You’d think you’d like some bloody meat dish best…”
“Bloody meat dishes are good too.” La-Iin took a second pastry.
“Are you less bored now?”
“I said, are you less bored now?”
La-Iin swallowed. “I guess.”
“You know, La-Iin, if we did more things like this, it would be nice.”
La-Iin stared at her, resisting the urge to glare. Mit-Sun bit into her pastry. “They really are best on rainy days….if it wasn’t so windy outside I’d say we could sit outside. I used to do that with my father…but then again, the house I lived in growing up had a porch.”
“Why are you talking about all this?”
“Making Anything Pastries just reminded me of my father…” She sighed. “I want to see him again.”
“If you get to see him again, can I meet Dami’s parents?”
Mit-Sun gave another sigh. “Maybe. I guess you should get to know your grandparents better…”
“I just want to know what kind of people they are.”
“I can’t say much about Asul-Zenza’s parents, but I think you’d like my father. You’d probably think of him the same way you think of Fer-Shi…”
“Is he one of those types of goody-goodies?”
“I don’t know what you mean. It depends.”
“Well, he might be alright….” La-Iin finished the last pastry. “They’re all gone?”
“Maybe if you’re good, I’ll make more after dinner.”
“It’s not worth it to be good. Can I do something else?”
“Alright then. Help me make dinner.”
La-Iin glared at Mit-Sun, who cracked a smile, then rolled her eyes. “Fine.”

“It’s really coming down today, isn’t it?” Dosa-Mina mused.
“Imagine all the water you could drink! And all the death too. I guess you’d die in a storm like that, huh?”
“Doesn’t that scare you? I mean, it’s a storm. Lots of people live through storms, but if you were exposed to too much water, you could die.”
“That doesn’t scare me. Not much does.”
“Well, what does scare you?”
“I’m not telling.”
“If you tell me I’ll tell you my most deepest darkest fear!”
San-Kyung huffed. “I don’t…I don’t want you to die before me. Even if we don’t get to die together, I’m going first.”
Dosa-Mina flinched.
“What’s wrong?”
“Oh, nothing.”
“So, what’s your deepest darkest fear?”
Dosa-Mina stuck out his tongue. “I’m not telling!”
“Hey! I just told you mine!”
“Well, I found out now’s not the best time. Maybe someday, San-Kyung…”


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