21.80.Moment of Psychosis

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 80
“Moment of Psychosis”

“Oh, Xhen-Wu! Let’s do it! Let’s have our first kiss!”
“What’s that, Song-Ii? You want to know what happened to Fer-Shi? She got punished.”
“And one for you and one for you and one for you….”
“Now that I’ve regained my true form, there’s nothing standing in my way!”
“A-ah, San-Kyung, what are you saying!? Oh, but…I like you…too…”
“What? I’m graduating and going back to Kindergarten at the same time? How is that possible!?”
“Hee-hee, San-Kyung, you’ve gotten bold…”
“I-idiot! Idiot Lishe-Ashyo! I-it’s not like I like you or anything…I’m just doing this out of obligation! Hmph!”
“I really can read your mind! See! Impressed!?”
“…Mr. Chensu, we should really do something about the students. They’ve been acting like this ever since they came in.”
“I’d understand if just one of them snapped, but all of them at once?”
“And some of their fantasies are…less than appropriate for our class,” Theasis coughed.
“I’m learning new sides to my students I never wanted to learn…”
“Yeah, and it’s not just in Class D either, like in Class B our students are kinda all singing Denden Saree together and talking about relatives and stuff that I’ve never even heard the names of before. Like I can guess but I’m not sure. But now I can say I’m really grateful our Pureblood Sirens graduated!”
“It is happening in Class C as well. The students are hardly composed. Some are trying to use their powers. It’s been hard to suppress them.”
“What about Class A?” The teacher asked. All of the teachers looked at each other.
“Well, you wouldn’t really be able to tell, would you? After all, Class A’s always kinda nutty, mass psychosis or no….”
“From what I heard I think Class A lost its teachers to the psychosis too.”
“Well, then they’re not gonna be any help…not like they were from the start. Still, these fantasies are worrying….”
“Ah, San-Kyung, shall we get along to procreating on corpses again?” La-Iin said.
“Oh nooo! Mom, the Werewolves are reproducing again!” Fer-Shi said.
“Bow down before me!” San-Kyung said, standing on top of his desk.
“You freed me, San-Kyung. I owe you something in return…” Dosa-Mina said.
“Hey, no, Aeisho! You can’t eat big sister! I’m not edible! Yowch!” Lirako yelled.
“Lirako, you won’t believe it. San-Kyung…he said…he loved me….” Deki-Tyunri said.
“Mom, I think you were wrong. The moon is made out of cheese I think.” Ilhe-Anra said.
“What!? No! I don’t keep girls in my wings!” Nemi-Hikla exclaimed.
“Xhen-Wu, nooo! You can’t be laying eggs! I’m still in school!” Gen-Reiya yelled.
“Whaddya mean, I’m not a Pureblood Minomix? What? I’m a Pureblood Meatmix? Da hell is a Meatmix?” Yefu-Shenhao snorted.
“Ahh, I’m being experimented on!” Tenha-Gumo yelled.
“I…I can’t fly anymore?” Rini-Futo said.
“All the girls are naked…I swear, teacher, it’s not my fault!” Im-Dei said.
“You should lock me in a cage! I…I knew I shouldn’t have sang Denden Saree!” Zae-Mia sobbed.
“You’re thinking about….panties!? Ew, gross!” Shan-Zetsu said.
“Yesses, sirees! I thinks I gots a hand on the mosts rarest variation of the fifties versions of the centuries-olds….” Voi-Ehst said.
“Oh, what are these? Arms? Do they taste good?” Fei-Zhust said.
“W-what’s that!? What did you call me!? Explain, Gen-Reiya! I don’t know Nyapponese!” Mali-Ana yelled.
“Do you think these all have to do with their hidden desires?” The Class C teacher asked.
“Some of these seem pretty fearful so I think their fears are represented too.”
“Or maybe they’ve just lost their minds…” The teacher sighed.
“Regardless, we need to find a solution to this problem before it gets out of hand. I worry about what the students might do if left to their own devices….hey!” Theasis ran over to La-Iin and pulled her away from San-Kyung.
“Well one of us needs to watch the students right?”
“For each class….so at least four of us.” Theasis said.
“We might need more people than that…” The teacher sighed.
“For the larger classes, perhaps. But I think one is just fine for Class D, correct, Chensu, Theasis?”
“It’s true we don’t have many students right now…”
“I guess it’s beneficial this didn’t happen after the new students arrived,” Theasis groaned. “Alright. We need to find out who will do what. In the meantime, let’s just hope we don’t come back to pregnant students.”
“Then we better decide quickly!” The Class B teacher dashed out the room, and the other teachers followed close behind her.
Once the teachers left the classrooms, the fantasies continued.
“Sou-Yu. My precious youngest son….you have to fight the good fight to keep our dystopia intact. I’m proud of you for reaching this age. It feels like it came so quickly….but what’s to the rest of the world a dystopia, is our home. Your brothers and sister and father and even I are all still working together. But don’t worry. Your father and I are the ones heading any particularly dangerous missions…still, once you grow older, I’m sure you’ll be quite powerful. An Animated Pumpkin-Vampire-Normal is a mostly great Tribreed combination….except for that last stupid part at the end.”
“Lishe-Ashyo, you’re an idiot! I-it’s not like I’ve been dreaming about you or anything! W-why do you s-s-say all these w-w-weird things? A-a-are you a p-pervert or something? Pervert! Pedophile! I’m still in school you crusty old man!”
“Oh, it’s weird. I thought equality was making everyone live in a farm, but then everyone started having babies….Mom, I think you’re wrong. I don’t think equality is a farm…what do you mean it was a metaphor?”
“Oh my gosh! So many babies! What the hell, Xhen-Wu!? What the!? Not you too, Cou-Riette! Agh, no! I didn’t father your babies, Cou-Riette! Ow! Hey! Stop hitting me! Wait a second, since when were you a Birdmix, Mali-Ana? Aaaaagh!”
“Da freak is a Meatmix? Are you sayin’ that Minomix meat is legal in Dasdooria? Is that why you’re callin’ me a Meatmix? Hey! I ain’t no cow! Minomixes aren’t cows! No, I don’t have any kids! I’m eleven! You deluded or somethin’!?”
“Ahahahaha! Look, Mom! Look, Dad! Look, Dosa-Mina! It’s perfect! It’s what I always dreamed of! Now I’m so happy! Now I can die in peace! I don’t give a shit if it all goes back to normal when I die! I’m happier than I ever could be! Ahahahahaha!”
“N-no! I didn’t make all the girls naked! Stop! I’m not a pervert….I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”
“S-San-Kyung! H-how am I supposed to do that with wings for arms….I don’t think it works that way either….oh no….how can I make you happy now? Don’t worry, San-Kyung! I’ll find a way to do that with wings for arms!”
“I always knew you’d be the one to free me, San-Kyung…I should’ve known. That time we met years ago was a destined moment. You’d help me, I’d help you….now, I can be really happy. For that, you get tons of affection! Whee!”
“M-mom! Dad! Please help! My brothers are eating me! Help! Help! Mom! Dad! Please don’t leave me….!”
“Are all the students all right?” Theasis asked.
“Well, they’re not naked….I guess that’s a good sign. Although some of them are crying…”
“Right then. You watch this class, Mr. Chensu. I’m sure I and the other teachers can find a cure for this. We intend on asking Mr. Xhuzsha for advice. I’m sure he’ll know…”
“Alright. Tell me when you’ve made progress!”
“Yes!” Theasis dashed out the room.
“Okay then….EVERYONE, SHUT UP!”
None of the students reacted. They stayed in their own worlds.
“Just what the hell is causing this? If it was the teenagers, I’d say the hormones, but that can’t be happening….hey, hey, what are you doing, Mr. Elyshen? Stop!” He grabbed Elyshen by the wings.
“Ahh! Grandmother! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry you had to find out this way! But you cannot stop me! I love San-Kyung and he loves me! I finally got something I wanted! Let go of me! Let go of me!”
‘Grandmother…?’ “You can’t do that, Mr. Elyshen.”
“Oh, so that’s how little you care about me now, is it? You won’t even call me Deki-Tyunri! Well, San-Kyung calls me Deki-Tyunri! He cares about me much more than you ever would! You cannot stop me, Grandmother! Let me go! Let me go!”
The teacher sighed. “Look, D…Deki-Tyunri….I’m not going to punish you or anything. But you’re only thirteen years old. I don’t know what you were going to do, but if you can’t do it at school, there’s a good chance you shouldn’t be doing it at all…..”
“Just calm down a bit, alright? Go ahead and love Mr. Molsh….I mean, San-Kyung or whatever, but please cool it.”
“Grandmother….” Deki-Tyunri nodded. “I see. I’ll calm down then. I’ll explain it all to him later….”
‘Is it really so smart to nurture their delusions?’ The teacher wondered. ‘Oh well. I had to do something….’
“Mom! Dad! Please…please!” Lirako sobbed. The fur under her eyes was stained.
“What do you need help with, Miss Sanya….I mean, Lirako?”
“Half my body is gone already….please stop, Aeisho…I thought you loved your big sister….”
“You’re not being harmed by Aeisho, Lirako. You’re having a nightmare. Your body is still here and complete. You just need to wake up! Wake up, Lirako! Wake up!”
Lirako screeched, then her eyes rolled into her head and she dropped to the ground. The teacher gasped and checked her pulse.
‘….oh good, she’s still alive.’
“Come, my children! Let us take over the world! Preserve our dystopia! Ha ha!”
The teacher rolled his eyes and walked over to La-Iin.
“Miss Cahongyun, you’re not ruling the world.”
“Hm!? My old teacher from Malicerie Public School…you weak Normal! I assumed you were dead after so many years. You are old after all.”
“I’m not that old!”
“Yes, sure you aren’t. You’re older than my Mama and she’s definitely gotten along in years. Yet still….you look the same as so many years ago….never mind that! Chung-Ae, Hun-Seuth, Song-Ii, Sou-Yu! Attack that monster!”
The teacher stood in place, staring at La-Iin from slitted eyes.
“H…how could this be happening? How are you not being mauled to bits? Don’t tell me. You’re a descendant of his! A descendant who possesses many defensive breeds! Hm, but you don’t look like anything other than a Normal….damn you! I won’t be misled! Years ago I was, but you can’t fool me now! Aaaaah!”
She leaped at him, mouth wide open. The teacher only narrowly dodged her. He grabbed her as tight as possible and sat her down in her chair.
“Let me go, monster!”
“Aaaaaagh! San-Kyuuuuung!”
‘Speaking of….’ He glanced at the boy standing on a desk, proclaiming that he had taken over the world.
“Calm down, Mr. Molshei.”
“Chensu! It’s been a few years, hasn’t it been? Unfortunately, I don’t think you’re in a position to say such things.”
Vines raised from the ground and entangled the teacher.
“Mr. Molshei!”
“Why not ‘your ruler’? It has a nicer ring to it. What do you think, Mom, Dad, Dosa-Mina?” He glanced away from the teacher at imaginary people. “They say either works just fine. I suppose you’re showing respect for me even in that stupid school title….fine then. Roam free. But don’t get in my way.”
The vines rescinded into the ground and the teacher took a deep breath.
“Mr. Molshei–”
“Don’t bother threatening me or I’ll use my best power on you. It may be a pain in the ass to activate, but I’d gladly use it to get rid of you.”
“Alright, alright….”
‘These kids are more delusional than I thought….’
“P-please don’t beat me! I swear I didn’t make them naked!” Im-Dei cried.
“Didn’t make who naked?”
“Aaah! Please don’t hurt me! I didn’t do it!”
“Who didn’t you make naked, Mr. Fyuori?”
“It wasn’t meeeeee!” Im-Dei’s face was bright red and tear streaks stained his cheeks. The teacher sighed.
“How am I supposed to help you if I don’t know what’s going on?”
“Help me? Ah, please, teacher! The girls are going to beat me up! Oh no, here they coooome! Aaaaaaah!” Im-Dei ran across the classroom and into a wall. The teacher checked if he was okay, then turned around and took a look at the students.
“Welcome to Equality Farms, more dystopian than La-Iin’s Vaelyn! How may I help you? What? You want to purchase my father!? I can’t let you! Nobody’s for sale here! Shoo! Go away! Oh, Mom, you’re more evil than La-Iin….or….could it be that you are La-Iin!? No! Mom, come back to me! Mom! Oh, you’re still Mom. So when did you go evil!? Equality Farms is getting shot at every day! Oh no, here they come! Everyone, inside!”
“Our history teacher said that we are still too young to do such things, San-Kyung….so perhaps…you would wait for both my and your sakes.”
“I’ve never felt so aliiiive! I feel like I could conquer the world! Not that I would.” Dosa-Mina was standing on a desk. He started to take off his shirt.
“Mr. Dslellular! Leave your clothes on!” He ran over to Dosa-Mina and pulled his shirt back down.
“Oh no, it’s my history teacher. Nice to see you again. Are you just passing by, or have you been stalking me?”
“Neither! I mean, just passing by!”
“My, what a dubious answer…..”
The teacher sighed.
“Teach?” Lirako said.
“Miss Sanyaow?”
Lirako blinked, twitched her ears, stood up, and glanced around the classroom. By the time she faced the teacher again, her eyes were wide open and her ears were back.
“Um, teach, what’s going on?”
“All the students have gone crazy! Including you up until just now, Miss Sanyaow.”
“What do you mean?”
Before the teacher could explain, Theasis stormed into the classroom.
“We’ve found the culprit, Mr. Chensu!”
“Yes! A culprit! This is the result of a mischievous Warlock’s powers, it seems. You should come with us!”
“Right!” He turned to Lirako. “Can you watch the classroom, Miss Sanyaow? I’ll be right back!”
“H-hey! Teach! What’s going on!?” But by now the teacher had left with Theasis, running as fast as he could. Lirako sighed and glanced at the students spouting gibberish.
“Oh well….if you can’t figure out what’s going on, you contribute, don’tcha?” Lirako jumped into the crowd.

“Students, I need you all to listen. For hours on end, you were all in a state of psychosis. You were acting almost as if you were in a parallel universe. We found the culprit, but not without a cost.”
The other teachers walked onto the stage, their hair sticking up and their eyes wide.
“Our sanity.”
The students glanced among each other.
“I understand that what happened today was the cause of a mischievous Warlock, but please, for those of you with dirty secrets, please keep those things secret. Us teachers really don’t want to hear about your private business!”
“You perverts!” Mali-Ana yelled.
“After today….I’ve learned that you’re the pervert, Miss Reusung.”


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