20.79.Disaster Morning

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 79
“Disaster Morning”

As Fer-Shi went to bed that night, she could hardly contain her excitement.
‘Spring’s about to start! Ahh, I love Spring! All the new plants and new students and…’ She couldn’t help but giggle to herself. ‘My birthday…..’
She was so excited that she was kicking her feet. She had told her mother that it was to tire herself out, but she didn’t believe that and she had a feeling her mother didn’t either.
‘No, it’s silly to get so excited for a season! But I can’t help it! I love Spring!’
Eventually, she fell asleep while thinking of all the fun things to do in the Springtime.


“…Shi. …r-Shi. Fer-Shi!”
“Ah!” Fer-Shi sat up in bed and shook her head. She couldn’t remember the dream she had but she had a feeling it hadn’t been pleasant. She could feel sweat beading on her neck.
“Fer-Shi, you’re finally awake!” Tei-Sheu said with a sigh.
“W-what’s wrong, Mom? Was I having a nightmare?”
“No, you wouldn’t get up! Look at the time. You’re late for school!”
“WHAT!?” If Fer-Shi had been tired before, she wasn’t now. She hopped out of bed and threw off her clothes.
“Fer-Shi, I’ve already called the school! There’s no point in going now!”
“Yes, there is! They should be on History class right now. I can make it there for my next four classes!” She grabbed her favorite dress, but threw it at her bed when she noticed it had a food stain on it.
‘How’d it get dirty? Do I really eat that messily?’ She shook the thought out of her head and threw on another dress instead. The dress had a rip in the back but by now she didn’t care. She crashed around the room to look for her school supplies.
“Fer-Shi! You don’t need to try so hard!”
“But Mom! I’m looking forward to today! I have to go to school!” She grabbed a pencil from under her bed and poked the palm of her hand.
She adjusted the position of the pencil and picked up some notebooks. She didn’t bother looking for a bag to put them in.
“Alright, Mom, I’m going to school!”
“No, you aren’t!” Tei-Sheu grabbed her by the collar of her dress. “If you really want to go, you’re going to tidy yourself up first.”
“I don’t have time for a shower!”
“We can tidy you up just fine without one. Now come here!”

Fer-Shi ended up leaving later than expected due to her mother’s insistence that she tidy up. She was wearing a dress with no holes, had all her school supplies, and felt as clean as she could without taking a shower, but it was still cold outside and she hadn’t put on a jacket. She ran to school as fast as she could.
‘I bet math class is about to start! Oh, what’d I do wrong? I went to bed early! And you’d think having a nightmare would wake you up, but of course I still got up late!’
Lost in thought, she tripped over a rock and crashed on the sidewalk. The pain in that instant was so bad that she worried about passing out, but it quickly subsided, if only slightly. She slowly stood up, starting to cry as blood dripped off her eyelashes. She stood in place for a bit as she waited for the pain to subside completely.
She wasn’t sure how long it took until her pain was at an acceptable level. Eventually she was able to walk again, but she winced on almost every step and had a bad limp. Walking so slow made the Malicerie Public School building, far in the distance, feel further than it had before.
‘So much for a good start to Spring…’
Although it felt like it took forever, Fer-Shi finally reached the Malicerie Public School building. She limped across the school entrance, across the hallway, and into Class D. As soon as she arrived, the students were beginning to stand up, and she realized that the woman she passed in the hallway had been the math teacher.
“Oh no…” She sighed. Before any of the students could leave the classroom, they took a good look at her. She noticed most of them stare at her with worry in their eyes. A few students even ran out the classroom calling for the math teacher.
“Fer-Shiiiii!” La-Iin yelled. She came running over to her friend.
“So you come to school now? Why didn’t you just ditch?”
“I couldn’t do that….”
“Well, you should have.” La-Iin looked her over. “You’re bleeding.”
“I know….”
“It’s a good look for you…” She sounded almost entranced.
“I fell over on the way here…” Before she could finish, La-Iin started to lick her forehead. Her first instinct was to swat her away, but she was frozen in place by the shock of being licked.
“What’s this I hear about Miss Sanhuun? Her mother said she was home sick.”
“Yes, well, she just came in with blood gushing from her forehead!”
The math teacher walked past the two girls and stood in front of Fer-Shi.
“Miss Cahongyun. Quit licking Miss Sanhuun.”
La-Iin only turned to glance at the teacher. Her eyes almost looked like they were glowing and her mouth had blood all over it. Ultimately she ignored her and went back to licking her, until the teacher forced La-Iin off of her and sat her down on a desk.
“Miss Sanhuun! What happened to you!?”
“I’ve had a bad day today…I woke up too late.”
“No, I mean, your head! Why is it bleeding?”
“I fell over….”
“This isn’t good. Normally, I’d like to send you home, but there’s blood everywhere! You’re coming with me.”
The math teacher picked her up and ran out the classroom.

“Do you think she’ll be alright?”
“Thankfully, it’s just a scrape wound,” Satou said, wrapping the last of the bandages over her head. “It bled a lot, but that’s pretty typical of head injuries. Still, I don’t think she should go to class. She seems fine for now but somebody should watch her. Y’know, make sure she doesn’t act weird or start getting really sick or something…she could’ve very well gotten infected in the time since she got the injury.”
“That doesn’t really answer my question…”
“Yes it does, Miss Theasis. She should be fine but I think someone should keep an eye on her. I can do that just fine, though I do have a bit of paperwork to file.”
“I’d say ask her friend, but she was licking her blood earlier…”
“A friend? How old’s her friend?”
“Oh, Miss Cahongyun? She’s in the first grade.”
“First grade, huh? She should have time off from classes right now. Go get her. I’m not gonna force her to watch her, but I think she should see her anyway.”
“Are you sure that’s such a good idea, Miss Satou? She was licking off her blood!”
“Cahongyun’s a Vampire, Miss Theasis! Of course she’s gonna lick the blood off her friend. It’s instinct. Go get her anyway. Her wound’s all patched up and I’m here if she tries anything funny.”
“I’m still not so sure about this…”
“I’m asking you, Miss Theasis. I know a lot about this subject, you know. Maybe not as much as Mr. Xhuzsha, but I did go to college. Get her friend. I promise you, nothing bad will happen to either student.”
Miss Theasis sighed. “Alright…” Her tail drooping and her ears back, she walked out the room. Satou focused her attention on Fer-Shi.
“Are you alright?”
“Ye-yeah….my head really hurts, but it hurt even worse when I first fell. This is nothing compared to that….”
“Well, I did give you painkillers. They should kick in a little bit from now. And you don’t need to worry. Miss Theasis is getting your friend, and she should comfort you, right?”
Fer-Shi nodded, but she wondered if La-Iin wouldn’t do anything but make the situation worse.
It didn’t take long for Miss Theasis to arrive carrying La-Iin, who was squirming and hissing in the teacher’s arms.
“Let me go, wench!”
“I’m even more convinced this is a bad idea…” Theasis said with a sigh. She put her down, only to get kicked in the knee.
“Serves you right!”
“La-Iin, you shouldn’t treat your teacher like that,” Satou scolded. “Now, come over here. Fer-Shi’s hurt and maybe you being here will help her feel better.”
Without a word, La-Iin jumped onto the bed Fer-Shi was sitting on and sat next to her. Theasis hissed at La-Iin before leaving the room.
“You two talk for now, alright? I have a little bit of paperwork to file…” She turned back to her desk.
“Do you really need me here?”
“No, not really. I’m sorry.”
“No, don’t be. It’s boring outside when you’re not there and the classes now are just confusing.”
“Oh…okay, then.” Fer-Shi bowed her head.
“Why did you even bother coming when you were already late? The teacher announced that your Mama had called saying you were sick and everything.”
“Well, I wasn’t. I came anyway because I wanted to have a good day. But instead it got all messed up. I just like Spring….”
“It’s not like Spring is going anywhere for the next…um…some-odd months.”
“Yeah, but having a good first day would’ve been nice.”
“Your morning’s been a lot different than mine. Mama actually made me breakfast today for the first time in a while. And I woke up early enough to mess around before school. And San-Kyung said hi to me!”
“Rub it in, why don’t you?” Fer-Shi sighed.
“You almost sound like me now.”
“Yeah, well you’re talking about how great your day has been right after I talk about how terrible mine has been….”
“Oh, stop acting so annoying. It’s not like the day’s over yet either. And you’re here already. So what you’re getting excluded from classes? That makes it more fun. And I like mocking people. I stopped making Normal jokes…mostly. I have to have something to fill the void.”
Fer-Shi rolled her eyes.
“Your day is reminding me of a bad day I had back in…January, I think. Or was it February?”
“Are you talking about your birthday?”
“No, I remember my birthday well! No, I had a day where everything went wrong. I think I talked to you about it….”
“Well if you did, I don’t remember.”
“It is really annoying to have bad days, and I’ve had plenty,” La-Iin hissed. “But there will be more starts to Spring and more days in Spring, even your birthday is in Spring and even if it’s bad, I bet it’ll be better than mines by a long shot.”
“I wish the teachers would let me make my morning better.”
“By letting me lick your blood.”
“La-Iin, why do you want to do that!?”
“It tastes good. The only blood I’ve had that I didn’t like was Mama’s….yours tastes plenty good.”
“Like what?”
“I don’t know. It just has a lot of flavor is all.”
“Well, my head isn’t bleeding anymore,” Fer-Shi giggled. “La-Iin, you’re gross.”
“Better that than a goody-goody.”
“You’re making my day better already!”
“Should I try and make it worse?”
“Oh, all right. You can have a good time then. I still get to lick your blood later.”
“My head isn’t bleeding anymore…didn’t I just say that?”

Although Fer-Shi’s day later on was hardly what she’d call a good day, she was happy that she got to spend the hours with La-Iin in the nurses room. It made the miserable day a little bit better.
‘And at least it didn’t rain!’
“I wonder what everyone’s blood tastes like,” La-Iin sighed.
“Are you gonna become a blood connoisseur?”
“No. I have to rule the world. I wouldn’t mind having blood as my only food intake…no, wait, I would.”
“Because then I couldn’t eat mincemeat pie! I love blood but it’s only my second-favorite food.”
“But it’s not food!”
“To me it is. Mincemeat pie is first-favorite. Although bloody mincemeat pie….heh heh, that would be wonderful….”
“Oh! Speaking of food…”
“My Mom and I made Bupyeon yesterday. We ate a lot of it but we still have some left. Do you want to have some?”
“Is that the powdered bean thing?”
“Yeah, but it really is good!”
“Says you!” La-Iin sighed. “Fine. But only if I can have some blood with it!”
“We’ll see about that!”


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